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Sustainability Explained


Ruud Kempener is a scholar, who has been working on energy technologies and innovation policies since 1997.  He has an MSc in Technology and Innovation Policy from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and a PhD from the 'Complex Systems and Sustainability' group at the Chemical Engineering department at the University of Sydney of Australia. He has worked for a multi-national chemical company, has developed strategic decision analysis tools for the energy sector and agriculture and has advised non-profit organizations, local authorities and research institutes on energy and sustainability issues. Ruud has developed the following tools for strategic decision making under uncertainty in the context of sustainability: Agent-Based Scenario Analysis (ABSA), Evolutionary Pathways Analysis (EPA), Socio-Technical Energy Chain Analysis (STECA) or Integrated Environmental & Human Uncertainty Analysis (INEMA). Ruud is currently working as a research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. You can find out more about Ruud's academic career here.

SusPlain is connected to a range of experts in the field of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Environmental Systems Analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis under uncertainty, which we call upon for help and assistance. Furthermore, we are associated with several sustainability consultancy firms around the world, who have local knowledge and can assist you in your strategic decision making.